Project Personal OU Viability Rankings

Red Raven

Gen's about to end so might as well make one of these. I've ranked these mons based on the following criteria

- how easy to put on a team
- how good they are at their jobs
- how much they distinguish themselves from competition

This is also gonna be a bit biased since I also took into account how comfortable I am with using a pokemon. That means if a certain pokemon forces me to play in a certain way, it's probably gonna get ranked below no matter how good everybody else says it is. When all's said and done, this is a personal vr after all


I just dumped all the C rank mons into one. I really haven't tried most of them and I don't have the patience for that while those that I think are a bit better than C rank, I put in B-. Also, when I loaded up the tiermaker, the thing had a lot of shit and having to go pick the ones that are actually viable was too much of a pain so I just started from top to bottom and put most of them in gimmicks or trash

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